Allergies are an abnormal response to a substance the immune system perceives as "foreign." Substances that trigger allergic reactions can be inhaled, absorbed and ingested. They include pollens, mold, dust, food, drugs, and chemicals. The allergic response can produce symptoms that affect every organ in the body often imitating other diseases.

Traditional veterinary medicine treats allergies with allergy skin tests, desensitization injections, steroids and antihistamines. Allergy shots that you often give at home are 55-85% effective depending on the dog and severity of the allergic reaction.

The following supplements will strengthen your dog's immune system and cut down on the amount of drugs needed to effect remission of the symptoms. This list is not intended to replace any traditional treatments your veterinarian prescribes.

Use capsules instead of tablets whenever possible. When no amount is given, follow the directions on the bottle. Strained baby food meat is a great way to give supplements. Mix the meat with the pills, scoop onto your finger and give to your dog.

Unless otherwise noted, everything should be given twice daily with food

Vitamin A--from fish oil: 25,000IU for three weeks, then 10,000IU for three weeks.
                                 rotate in three week cycles.
Vitamin C: Ester C with bioflavanoids: 1,000mg twice daily
Vitamin B complex: 50mg twice daily
Biotin: 5mg daily (Country Life has a 5mg capsule)
Choline and Inositol: 225mg each twice daily (can be purchased as a
combination capsule)

Full Range, Free Form, Peptide Bond Amino Acids including Branch Chain Amino Acid group- all in capsules. At least 5 capsules daily split in AM and PM, Plus:

N-acetylcysteine - 500mg
L-methionine - 500mg
L-tyrosine - 500mg
L-glutathione 50mg twice daily

Selene E (this product is by Schiff and is a combination of Vitamin E-400IU and selenium-200mcg) one daily.
Kelp: Icelandic kelp preferred: 1,000mg once daily
Zinc 50mg with Copper 3mg once daily
Chromium: 400mcg once daily
Salmon Oil from Wild caught salmon (Eskimo brand or Grizzly brand)
Evening Primrose Oil: 1500mg daily
GLA from Borage Oil: 240 mg once daily
Bromelain: 1,000mg capsules; 3 daily split between am and pm
Quercetin: 500mg capsules; one twice daily

Burdock: 3 capsules twice daily
Nettle: 3 capsules twice daily
Pau d'Arco: 3 capsules twice daily
Silymarin: 300mg twice daily

Kyolic garlic liquid: 1/4 teaspoon daily
Grape seed extract: given by weight, follow directions
Co-enzyme Q10: 50mg daily twice daily

One-half cup cottage cheese (cottage cheese is a sulfur based protein used by the body to bind to the fatty acid supplements which makes the fatty acids available for use by the body.)

Complete digestive enzyme: must include ox bile and the proteolytic enzymes. Give two capsules with each meal.... this is very important

Everything listed above is there for a reason. It is this combination of supplements that has been successful so please do not leave anything out.

If you can find a vitamin/mineral for humans that contains the elements listed, by all means use it then make up any difference with an additional supplement. Check in the body-building section of your health food store. They often have combination supplements of many vitamin-mineral-amino acids. Buying vitamins mail order is a saving. Vitamin Discount Connection is one place I use: 1-800-848-2329

DO NOT VACCINATE: Use homeopathic nosodes instead of vaccines. Your dog's immune system is already damaged and modified live vaccines will further damage the immune process. The nosodes are available by mail from Dr. Charles Loops (919) 542-0442 or Newton Labs: 1-800-448-7256.

DO NOT GIVE chlorinated water. If bottle water is not convenient put a filter on your water supply or give distilled water.

DO NOT USE MONTHLY HEARTWORM, use daily if you live a heartworm area.

You must feed an all-natural diet. Raw fruits and vegetables should be ground up; fresh fish, brown rice, tofu, miso, sea vegetables like nori, wakame, dulse are excellent additions. If you do not feed a home made diet, use a dry food that is manufactured from ingredients "for human consumption."

Flower remedies are plant extracts designed to treat the mental and emotional causes of physical illness. Each remedy works to normalize an underlying emotional cause of a physical or behavioral illness. Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician whose observations linked physical illness with emotional causes in his patients, formulated the oldest and most popular flower remedies in the 1930s.

The remedies are purchased in amber bottles and should be kept in a cool dark area. You can mix 6 essences together but no more than 6 at one time. Mix equal amounts in a dark bottle, add a little filtered water then put 4-6 drops into each water bowl. Your Akita will be treated with the remedies every time it drinks water. It is safe for a healthy dog to drink the water without any ill effects.

For allergies of all types, the following Bach remedies assist the body to promote healing, and stimulate a more natural immune response to allergens.

Cherry Plum
Crab Apple

You must be patient. It took a long time for your Akita's immune system to reach overload, it will take a few months to begin healing.

1996-97 B. Bouyet