The following program is aimed at stopping inflammation and regulating the immune system.

Everything is to be given twice daily unless stated.

Vitamin A: 10,000IU
Beta Carotene: 15,000IU
Vitamin C with rose hips: 3,000mg daily (start with 500mg and increase to bowel tolerance)
Vitamin E: 800IU daily
Zinc: 50mg daily
Selenium: 200mcg daily
Vitamin B complex: 50mg

Flax seed gel caps: 3,000mg daily
Salmon Oil from Wild caught salmon (Eskimo brand or Grizzly brand)
Primrose Oil: 1500mg daily

Licorice Root 450mg capsules - 4 daily
Cat's Claw - 4 capsules daily
Bromelain: 3,000mg daily
NAG: N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG)1,000mg
Glucosamine Sulfate: 1,000mg daily
Kyolic Garlic: 3 tablets
Grape seed extract: given by weight, follow directions
SOD (superoxide dismutase) 2,000mg daily

Full Range, Free Form, Peptide Bond Amino Acids including Branch Chain Amino Acid
group- all in capsules. At least 5 capsules daily split in AM and PM, Plus:

L-lysine:  500mg daily
L-cysteine: 500mg daily
L-methionine: 500mg daily

You must feed an all-natural diet. Raw fruits and vegetables should be ground up; fresh fish, brown rice, tofu, miso, sea vegetables like nori, wakame, dulse are excellent additions.   The addition of certain raw vegetables to the diet is important.   Some studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale and brussel sprouts contain a chemical called indole-e-carbinol that may be important in combating lupus.  Avoid vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.

A low fat, lower protein diet is important to assist with kidney function.

One-half cup fat-free cottage cheese (cottage cheese is a sulfur based protein used by the body to bind to the fatty acid supplements which makes the fatty acids available for use by the body.)

Complete digestive enzyme: must include ox bile and the proteolytic enzymes. Give two capsules with each meal.... this is very important

Dogs with lupus are often sensitive to sunlight and other types of light.   Exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the skin of the nose, fever, pain, fatigue so avoid leaving your dog outside in the sun.

DO NOT VACCINATE. Use the homeopathic nosodes instead of vaccines. Your dog's immune system is already damaged and modified live vaccines will further damage the immune process. The nosodes are available by mail from: Dr. Charles Loops (919) 542-0442 or Newton Labs 1-800-448-7256

DO NOT USE monthly heartworm medicine--use the daily if heartworm is a problem in your area.

DO NOT give chlorinated water. If bottle water is not convenient put a filter on your kitchen water supply or give distilled water.

For more information on this disease and the recommended treatment, as well as side effects of drugs used to treat the condition, please get a copy of my book: Akita-Treasure of Japan, Volume II.  It is available at the website: