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Welcome to ARSA
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ARSA (Akita Rescue Society of America, Inc) was founded in 1976 by a small group of Akita fanciers who recognized the need to assist abandoned Akitas.  The breed has grown and with it, the need for rescue has increased.  Individuals and groups throughout the country have become involved in rescue work.  The constant need for money to fund the work has become a responsibility of the Akita Club of America’s Rescue Committee and is supported by the club’s membership. 

With the release of the Richard Gere movie, "Hachiko," too many people may assume all Akitas are of the same temperament.  The truth is that Akitas often are that loyal (See Kuma), but they are not a breed for all families and many of them are not good with children.  Please, learn more about the breed before you purchase an Akita and then, please, find a reputable breeder.  Please avoid buying an Akita in a pet store (read "New Beginnings"). 

Akitas are lucky to have so many people looking after their welfare but ARSA has always believed educating the public can prevent much of the terrible suffering endured by purebred dogs, including Akitas.  This website exists to provide information about health, behavior and finding a reputable breeder.  Before you decide that an Akita is the breed for you, read the “Facts About Akitas.”   

I have worked with Akitas for over 28 years.  I will always love these dogs and wish all of them safe, permanent, happy homes.  I encourage you to educate yourself well before you make a commitment to one of these magnificent dogs.  Join the many Akita lists, the local Akita clubs, and the Akita Club of America.  Get to know the people who know the breed. Find a reputable breeder!

Barbara Bouyet

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