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A few good links...

This is a great way to find an Akita, but also try contacting the Akita Rescues throughout the country.


For important information involving Akitas, visit the Akita Club of America website.           If you are interested in participating in important genetic studies that benefit Akitas, Rita Roberts, Chair of the ACA Genetics & Health Committee, maintains her website with the most recent information.  Her site lists research studies that need DNA samples, and other important health links. You also get to see some adorable Akitas.

Akita Webrings--join or just visit:                        

     Akita Network - offers extensive coverage of Akita sites
     Akitas WorldWide  
     Akita WebRing

The Akita: Today and Yesterday

     Japanese Standard Accepted by FCI Worldwide
     "The Akita Dog and Its Origin"  By Keiichi Ogasawara, D.V.M.
       "History of the Akita-Inu"
       The Akita and Hokkaido dogs are genetically different from
         other Japanese breeds
  Japanese Akita-Inu Page with Akita-Inu Preservation Society, Inc.
      A Tour of Akita, Japan-- the city!

To keep going in the right direction with your new dog, visit these sites.


     Kids and Pets
     Baby and a Big Dog
     Big Dog Then Baby
     For Kids Only 
     Pet Tags
     Probably the most important training: Crate Training
     Think like a dog.

Behavior Problems Can be Prevented
     Getting trained!
Dealing With Aggression

     Understanding the causes
     Aggression in all forms
     On a Leash
     The Wolf In Your Living Room
     Breaking-up A Dog Fight
     Aggression toward owner
You Must Be Pack Leader

     Starting with a puppy
     Dominance Aggression
Enjoy your dog. 
     Fun Things For You and Your Dog:

Natural Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

     Too many vaccines are dangerous
     Great resource for all things natural

Pet Food Problems
      Hidden ingredients

As mentioned before, Akita-Treasure of Japan, Volume II offers a wealth of information on Akitas and all things related to keeping your dog healthy. The book has an extensive list of resources on and off the Internet, plus valuable information on environmental toxins.  Visit the website to learn more: www.akitabook.com