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What a Puppy Is.....
A PUPPY IS… One of the most appealing creatures on earth. It is the essence of exuberance, humor, and affection. But there are many things a puppy is not, and these important aspects deserve some thought before you bring a puppy home.

A PUPPY IS… NOT A TOY to be enjoyed while it's a novelty then set aside in favor of a new diversion. It is a living thing whose physical demands must be met constantly for as long as it lives. A young puppy needs more sleep than a human infant--regardless if your child is in the mood to play with it. It needs to be fed regularly and often even though its meals may conflict with family plans. A YOUNG PUPPY IS BREAKABLE. Very young children can inflict unintended tortures on a puppy, and his broken leg is much harder to fix than the broken wheel of a toy truck.

A PUPPY IS… NOT A TEACHING AID guaranteed to instill a sense of responsibility in
children. A child that loves his dog may enjoy brushing him, filling his water dish, or other tasks depending on the age of the child. A sense of responsibility may develop from the relationship, but it's wrong to put the well being of an Akita into the hands of a child.  Even the most dog-loving youngsters tire of daily chores. Unfortunately, the puppy becomes a chore instead of a companion. Responsibility lessons are better left to household tasks not involving a pet.

A PUPPY IS… NOT CHEAP. Whether you pay a nominal fee to a public shelter, an adoption fee to a rescue, or a king's ransom for a really special pup, you have only just begun to pay! In addition to an ultra premium dog food and the paraphernalia involved with dog ownership, there will be veterinary bills for routine vaccinations, checkups and emergency care. Add on the annual cost of a municipal license, and don t forget obedience classes for a well-behaved pet.

A PUPPY IS… NOT A SPUR Of THE MOMENT PURCHASE, or at least it should not be. The wrong breed can be an unending problem to a family--it's much easier to acquire the right dog to begin with. If your family has decided to buy an Akita, take time to learn about the breed. Every breed has characteristics of temperament, and behavioral traits that may not fit in with your life style. Some breeds are prone to physical problems such as hip dysplasia, ear problems and eye anomalies. If you are aware of these problems, you can do a more intelligent job of selecting your puppy. Do not pick a breed simply because of appearance without knowing more about its temperament.

A PUPPY IS… NOT A GIFT… Even when you're convinced the recipient wants a puppy now, a year from now and even ten years from now, a puppy is a bad choice as a gift. Its family should select the puppy. A pup that appeals to one person may not appeal to another. It's a matter of chemistry, like love at first sight.

A PUPPY IS… NOT SELF-CLEANING. There will be puddles on rugs, occasional vomiting, dog hair on clothing and furniture. Water bowls must be changed daily and food bowls need scouring. Did you know rawhide sticks to carpets and dog cookies leave crumbs for someone to clean?  Longhaired Akitas need more grooming and all dogs need toenails and ears tended to regularly.

A PUPPY IS… NOT AN ADULT DOG. He has neither the physical capacity nor the mental ability to perform as an adult dog. He cannot go for long periods of time without relieving himself. He cannot tolerate harsh training methods nor can he differentiate between what is chewable and what is not. He needs you to protect him from food and objects that should not be swallowed. At times, he will try the patience of the most devout dog lover in the household. He will require patience and understanding from everyone in the family.

A PUPPY IS… NOT FOREVER. Before you succumb to the charms of a big, clumsy Akita puppy, be sure you want not only the puppy he is but also the adolescent he will become, and the adult dog that may fall short of what you hoped he would be. If you have thought seriously about the different stages of dog ownership and still want that puppy, your new Akita will be one of the lucky ones to find a permanent happy home. You will enjoy the rewards of planned-parenthood dog ownership, rewards that shall far overshadow the drawbacks.

© 2000 Barbara Bouyet