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Lost or Found an Akita?
Make certain you visit your local shelters in person, frequently.  That means more than once since the dog may end up in a shelter days or even weeks after it is lost.  Please do not trust overworked shelter personnel to recognize your dog based on a verbal description. Visit shelters within a radius of at least 25 miles or more depending on your locality.  For example: a large city will have more shelters and humane society shelters than a smaller community. Your dog could be in any one of those shelters.  It could have been picked up by a good Samaritan who inadvertently left the dog at a shelter in an area away from where you lost it, in a neighborhood where you would not think to look.  Leave a photo at each shelter with a description and day/evening phone numbers. 

Contact the nearest Akita rescue. These folks can give you additional advice specific to your area and they work the shelters.

Advertise in your local newspaper's Lost & Found section but do not offer a reward. You can certainly reward any one who returns your dog but advertising a reward opens the door to some strange people. The majority of decent people picking up a stray dog are sincere in their effort to get the dog home. They will post signs, list with the shelters, or advertise in the newspaper. They will not hold onto the dog waiting until you offer a reward for its return. Anyone demanding a reward for return of a dog most likely will not have the dog, or will have stolen the dog. If you want to give away your money, make a donation to your local Akita rescue group.

Make up a flyer with a clear photo of the dog and all phone numbers. You can post the sign in pet supply stores, supermarkets, bulletin boards and send a copy to local veterinarians. 

Don't give up. There have been many cases where a missing Akita turned up weeks, even months after being lost. Here are some websites to help in your search:

                           Internet Lost & Found
                           Visit Pet Finder

                           A nationwide database for lost and found pets

                           The PetWork Lost & Found

                           Pet Locator

                           Lost Pets International

Get your dog microchipped BEFORE it is lost and increase the odds that your Akita will be returned to you.  For more information, visit these websites: