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Issho's Story: Dealing with IMPA
One of the most devastating diseases that effects Akitas is Poly-arthritis, also called immune mediated poly-arthritis.  Little is known about the genetics of the disease though in truth, there is a strong suggestion that it is inherited.  Invariably, it occurs following the multiple vaccines given to puppies.  For a better understanding about the disease, read Issho's story.  Issho is perhaps one of the most courageous Akitas I've ever had the pleasure to know, along with her owner, Lynn Drumm.  Lynn took Issho further than any Akita before or since; she offers Issho's story as a means to educate.  Thanks go to Lynn for reliving this time of devastating sadness to help others.  The lesson here is that vaccines can be life saving in moderation but they can induce fatal diseases in dogs predisposed to an immune problem.  The problem is you don't know if your Akita is one of those, so take it slow, use caution, use common sense.  The newest vaccine protocols do not call for 8 in 1 combinations in young puppies--they recommend the core vaccines spread apart.  Lynn followed the advice of her veterinarian and now, this is Issho's story.

Click here for Issho's story and detailed information on this deadly vaccine reaction.