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Welcome to the ARSA website. The site exists as a resource for everyone. I am willing to help you if possible.  

                                      HELP WITH PLACEMENT

Please check out the page listing active rescue people throughout the country.  You may find help waiting for you.

If you arrived at our site looking for help in finding a new home for your Akita, 
please print out the article "Placing Your Akita" to use as a guide. It will 
take you through interviews, reference checks and follow-up procedures
to assure your dog a safe, dependable home.

                          HELP WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS

Recently, I completed my third Akita book which is now available for sale. Based on two years of research, it covers every health issue affecting Akitas.  I know the book will answer all of your questions on the basics of finding a reputable breeder, plus buying and raising an Akita puppy.  It contains thorough discussions on  feeding (food types and brands,  nutrition, important supplements); temperament, training, socialization, showing and fun things to do with your Akita..

It includes in-depth coverage of general health, vaccines, parasites; information
to prevent and treat general health problems. There is also a comprehensive
chapter for the aging Akita. The diseases chapter is filled with the latest
information on breed specific diseases and drug reactions.

Environmental issues that affect the health of your Akita are covered in detail--actually the Biocides and Health Appendix should be required reading for everyone who owns dogs.  Within the 500 plus pages, you will find lists of resources covering everything discussed within the book, and recommendations for veterinarians throughout the country.  I am certain your questions will be answered in great detail. 
Please go to www.akitabook.com to learn more and read excerpts.